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Café Express Italian Beans

1kg bag (13p per cup)

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The finest Italian Espresso Coffee Bean, blended from some of the world’s leading producers, and roasted to the same exacting standards every time.


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Café Express is blended from some of the world’s leading producer. It is roasted to the same standards every time ensuring each cup is as delicious as the last. These beans are a balanced blend of Vietnamese Robusta, and Brazilian and Colombian Arabica. They’re slow-roasted, delivering a perfect balance of acidity, body, and sweetness, which is ideal as the base in a range of coffees.

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Package: 1
Total weight: 1kg


Medium Grind


Notes: Chocolate
Intensity: Medium


An espresso tastes only as good as the water you start with. Soft water works great with coffee and really brings out its aroma. If you live in a hard water area a simple carbon filter will help no end.

The grind is just as important as the coffee. Ensure that the grind is fine enough to allow the water to pour through the coffee in 19 seconds. Too coarse a grind and you are missing out on the essential aromatics, too fine a grind and you get a sharp over extracted taste.

For a double shot use around 14-18 grams of coffee. As you add more coffee your espresso will increase in both body and intensity.

Compacting the ground coffee restricts the flow of water, forcing the solids in the coffee to be extracted into the water. Apply a fairly firm, even tamp – don’t be tempted to screw the tamp like you see in some coffee shops.

90-95 degrees C is ideal for preparing coffee. Lower temperatures draw out more brightness in the coffee whilst higher temperatures give you a more roasty note.

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