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Our Sourcing

In total, we buy coffee from 23 countries around the globe. Some of these are well known coffee growing regions, such as Colombia, Brazil and Costa Rica. Some, however, are lesser known as coffee growing areas, yet produce some fine coffees. These include Ethiopia, Malawi and Vietnam.

source locations

types of coffee

Coffea Arabica

The Arabica tree grows at high altitudes and produces a softer and more flavoursome bean. As a general rule, the higher the altitude the better the taste.

Coffea Robusta

Robusta coffee on the other hand can be grown at much lower altitudes. This coffee has a full bodied taste and is mainly used in instant coffee due to its high caffeine content, however it is a crucial addition to many great quality blends owing to its body and strength.

coffee lifecycle


Coffee trees produce an average of 2 to 4 kilos of berries that, depending on the species, turn a deep red when they’re ripe and ready for picking. Pickers check the trees every few days and select only perfectly ripe cherries.


The cherries are mostly picked by hand, although some larger farms use mechanical pickers. Careful sortation ensures only perfect cherries are chosen.


The cherries are sorted by ripeness, size and density, and only ripe ones are selected for the next stage of processing drying.


Green coffee needs to be dried to the moisture content of around 11% to be stable enough to be packed into bags and transported, usually by ship.


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